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The following is a list of guild members who have a calligraphy business, teach calligraphy and/or have a website displaying their work. Many have created pieces that now hang in private art collections. Guild members teach everything from classic calligraphy to rubber stamping and greeting cards. You can contact individual artists either by e-mailing them directly or by writing to, and we'll be happy to forward your message.

Calligrapher Contact Information Location Classes and Subjects Taught Business Services
Martha Boccalini
Blu Shu Press
Oakland, CA

No No
Joe Boissy
Calligraphy, Custom Fine Art, Creative Advisory
Bayla Bromberg De Anza summer program ("College for Kids") for 6th - 9th grade students Beginning: Italic

Advanced: Uncial, Bookhand
Cari Ferraro
Prose & Letters
SF Bay Area
Lettering, Custom Invitations, Fine Art Originals & Prints
Debra Ferreboeuf
SF Bay Area, Monterey Peninsula
Lettering, Invitations, Fine Art & Prints
Carlene Fulton
Calligraphy by Carlene
Half Moon Bay, CA
S.F. Bay Area
Invitations, Certificates, Awards, Poems, Quotes, Fine Art Pieces, Cards, Business Stationery, Menus & Placecards
Marian Gault
The Flying Quill
South San Jose;
East Side Union High School District Adult Education
Lifelong Learning Program
Lifelong Learning Program runs from September to June

Calligraphy, Copperplate, Italic, Roman, Uncial, Black Letter, plus related subjects

Pen and Ink, Painting
Sara Loesch-Frank
Los Altos
Mountain View
San Jose
Sunnyvale, CA
Calligraphy, Greeting Cards, Watercolor, Mixed Media Techniques Fine Art and Commercial work, Custom Greeting Cards, Invitations, Books, Jewelry
Sabrina Hill
Art With Soul
San Jose, SF Bay Area
Calligraphy, Painting, Reiki
Painting, Pet Portrait, Logos, Wedding Invitations and Envelopes, Logos
Adrienne Keats
Adrienne D. Keats Calligraphy
San Francisco & Bay Area
Business Services: Wedding Invitations & Envelopes, Menus, Placecards, Poems, Quotations, Certificates, Commissioned Work, Ketubot (English & Hebrew), Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations, Various Lettering Styles
Meredith Klein
SF Bay Area, Berkeley, East Bay
Commissions and onsite work, also available for social calligraphy
Shirley Loomis
Shirley Loomis Calligraphy
Monterey Peninsula
Wedding Invitations and Envelopes, Placecards, Certificates, Awards, Poems, Commissioned Work
Raoul Martinez
Calligraphy by Raoul
SF Bay Area
Wedding Invitations and Envelopes, Placecards, Commissioned Work
Ann Miller
M2 Design
SF Bay Area Calligraphy and Letterform, Advanced Calligraphy. Academy of Art University
Calligraphy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting
June E. Middleton
South Bay  
Elizabeth Mullin
East Bay
Collage and Calligraphy
Shirley Ng-Benitez
South Bay
Design, Illustration and Lettering
Kaori Ogawa
Berkeley and East Bay
Calligraphy and Illumination
Wedding Invitations & Envelopes, Original Greeting Cards
J.P. Panter
J Panter Calligraphy
Napa, CA Pointed Pen Calligraphy, American Cursive Handwriting Wedding Invitations & Envelopes, Place cards, Logos, Wine Labels, Personal Stationary
Jane Pflughaupt
A Fine Touch Calligraphy & Design
Monterey to
San Mateo, CA

Occasionally San Francisco
Weddings, Invitations, Envelopes, Place Cards, Presentation Pieces, Awards, Certificates, Poems, Quotes, Menus, Commissioned Work, Multiple Lettering Styles
Carla J. Tenret
Albany, CA Tangled Versals, Eraser Stamp Carving, Simple Book Various Lettering Styles
Ann Thompson
San Jose, CA Calligraphy, Pointed Brush

  TBD = To Be Determined

To find out about upcoming workshops, please see Future Events.   If you'd like to see some past workshops given by guild members, please see the Workshops page.   You can see samples of members work in the Gallery area.

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