Pacific Scribes Newsletter

P.S. is the newsletter of Pacific Scribes. It appears quarterly. Regular features in most issues are Inklings from the President, The Editor's Keyboard, The Librarian's Corner, Looking Back on the Past Few Months, Thank Yous and the Calendar.

The main articles included in the most recent issues of the newsletter are listed below.

Summer 2008
  • A New PS Year, A New PS Board
  • Educational Outreach: A Pilot Calligraphy Program
  • Proposal for PS Educational Outreach Program
  • Camp Cheerio: Fall Session
  • Flowers and Flourishes: A Workshop with Victoria Pittman
  • Wrapping It Up
Spring 2008
  • Papercasting with Joan Merrell
  • A Week in Vienna
  • Camp Cheerio Spring Classes
  • Looking Back on Our March General Meeting
  • Letters California Style: A Mini-Conference
  • Why I Am a Member of Pacific Scribes
  • Graceful Envelope Contest: A Call for Entries
  • Los Altos Library Exhibit
Winter 2008
  • Lettering and Learning Together: Celebrating 25 Years of Pacific Scribes 1982 - 2007
  • An Evening with Carrie Imai
  • Camp Cheerio Spring Classes
  • Pacific Scribes Presents Carrie Imai: Big Bad Bone
  • Graceful Envelope Contest: A Call for Entries
  • Bulletin Board
Fall 2007
  • Keeping It Fresh: A Workshop with Sherrie Lovler
  • PS Members' Autumn and Halloween Collage
  • From Copper Paint to Finished Book
  • "White Nights" -- Our Russian Adventure
Summer 2007
  • Project Diary: From Workshop to Growth
  • AVArtFest Coverage
  • PS Board Election Results
  • May General Meeting: An Artist's Trip to China
  • Filoli Exhibit: A Resounding Success
Spring 2007
  • The Spirit of the Gothic Scribe: A Workshop with Ward Dunham
  • Conference and Workshop Sharing
  • Valentine Exhibit
  • The Making of a Book: Cari Ferraro
  • PS Board Elections: Slate of Nominees
  • Letters California Style II
  • Upcoming Exhibits
Winter 2007
  • Fun and Funky Letters with Carol Pallesen
  • Italic, Italic, Italic: A Sunday with Carol Pallesen
  • Holiday Card Exchange
  • Graceful Envelope Contest: A Call for Entries
Fall 2006
  • Getting in Rhythm with Denis Brown
  • PS Member Spotlight: Ed Duckett
  • Making a Bamboo Pen
  • Looking Back
  • Los Altos Library Exhibit
Summer 2006
  • Gilding Workshop with Elyse Krupnick
  • Framing Workshop with Elise Guidoux
  • Meet Our PS Board and Committee Members
  • Looking Back
  • AVArtFest 2006
  • The “New” Pierpont Morgan Library
  • Handwriting and Calligraphy: Is There a Connection?
  • Time to Get Organized
  • Art Supplies for Hurricane Victims
Spring 2006
  • Understanding Color Theory Workshop with Karen Koshgarian
  • A Postcard from Lucia Rothgeb
  • Pacific Scribes Framing Guidelines
  • Favorite Color Combinations
  • A California Mini-Conference
  • Author! Author!
Winter 2006
  • Journaling Workshop with Sharon Zeugin
  • Open Exhibits v. Juried Exhibits
  • Holiday Card Exchange
Fall 2005
  • Pointed Pen Uncials with Kay Woolfolk
  • Let's Twist Again with Sara Loesch Frank
  • PS Exhibit at Filoli
  • Favorite Tools and Tips
  • Kards for Katrina

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